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For a true gentleman


Strict laconic design, time-tested composition, and deep male fragrance - that is the basis of Borodist premium line products. They are made for true gentleman, who highly values and pays attention to details: for him it is not just a demonstration of style, it is just his life style.

Base of Premium collection includes the mustache wax, oil, and beard balm. All the products combine improved cosmetic formula and the usual high quality. The components thoroughly take care of the hair and skin. Does not contain any dyes. 

Soon we are going to open a client club for the Premium line fans. You will receive exclusive offers from Borodist, and also discounts and gifts from us and our partners. Join us!


Moustache Wax

Smooth brutal male fragrance, does not bother over time. The wax possesses a natural beige color. You do not have to worry that your mustache could gain unwanted shade. The main ingredient is white beeswax, well-known for its high nutritional, regenerative, and anti-inflammatory properties.

The product has a dense structure, thereby reliably holds the hair and economically spent. After getting the hand, you will apply it in seconds. During the day, your hair will not be afraid of any weather changes: heat, cold and humidity… Your waxed mustache will deal with that!


Beard Oil

The Premium Borodist Oil does not contain any odorants. Instead of them we use high quality essential composition, developed by us personally. The aroma is completely natural - fresh, marine, with shades of citrus.

Butter comes in a 30 ml bottle with a convenient dispenser. Label design is a moderate and stylish.


Beard Balm

The absence of odorants, the easiest application and high efficiency – Premium Balm it combines all. There is white beeswax in its composition, so your beard will maintain the desired shape for at least 12 hours.

When used properly, product does not form lumps and oily film on your hair. 8 cosmetic oils that form the basis of the product, will give your beard magic care, and light citrus scent will cheer you up for the whole day.