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Be different from others - wear designer clothes and accessories by Borodist community. In our store you can find merch, which you will not find in regular stores. Things carefully created specifically by beardies for beardies. Our prints are unique and quality is top. 


Everyday clothes with original prints and Borodist symbols is just must have for the bearded man, who appreciates the optimal relation between comfort and style. 


Borodist accessories are distinguishing signs of our community. These are things that will complement your image, personalize your gadgets, and even decorate your interior. There are high-quality metal keyrings, bright wooden badges, three-dimensional polymeric ministickers, and stickers with biting statements on the "bearded" theme.
Do you want to receive the original accessories from Borodist free? Just buy your favorite products! For each order which is more than 1 500 rubles we give magnet with Borodist as a gift. Regular customers have a unique opportunity to gather the entire collection of magnets.
Clothes and accessories you can buy only in our web-store and from our partners. The limited goods appear regularly in our collection. Hurry up! You have only one chance to buy them.