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Moustache wax

Wear a moustache

Like it or not, wearing a moustache is a cool thing! It adds a masculine to a face, attracts the attention of others, and even increases self-esteem. It has become a symbol of identity. Do you want something to change in your appearance? Grow a mustache - you won’t regret!


Choose your style

Mustache is kind of a reflection of your personality. By selecting it, you push away from your body, facial structure and… character traits. You are easy-going and love cheerful companies? Perhaps you will appreciate the luxurious 'walrus' mustache. Are you a representative of the creative environment, preferring everything unusual? Take into consideration an elegant moustache of Salvador Dali. Can you make important decisions without any fear and take responsibility for yourself? General Lee moustache shape is just for you!


Tame your moustache

Classy moustache is a result of your labor and patience. Do not give up on the way to the goal when the hairs grow in the opposite direction from the desired, stick out in different directions and break the symmetry. Start using Borodist wax as soon as possible; it will help you to grow a moustache and tame rollicking moustache!


By using the wax you can make any shape of moustache and not worry that it will change throughout the day. With the regular hair care it will become thicker and softer. Borodist products are developed by experienced beardies. As a basis we took the feedback of our moustached brothers and customers of wax of popular foreign brands, which exist on the market for long.


Our collection includes waxes with various flavors - from apple to coffee and coca-cola. All of them provide strong fixation, high economy, and compactness. Despite the hardness, the wax is very flexible. The main components of the product are high-quality beeswax, candellila and carnauba wax.


The product is packaged in a tin jar with a unique stylish design. It is easy to carry always with you and can hardly be accidentally crushed.


It is easy to take care of already shaped moustache: wash it daily, and then apply some wax using a special small comb, that you will also find in Borodist catalog.

отпусти усы достаточной длины
Grown your moustache to sufficient length
хорошенько расчеши их расческой
Comb it carefully
сними немного воска ногтем
Scrape out a little wax
разотри воск между пальцев, пока он не расплавится
Rub the wax between the tips of your fingers until it melts.
нанеси воск на усы
Put it on your moustache
сформируй аккуратные завитки
Make curls carefully
радуй окружающих своими прекрасными усами
Let everyone enjoy your cool moustache!