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Grease  «Cherry Soda» Grease  «Cherry Soda»
600.00 RUB c

Composition: white beeswax, ceresin, stearic acid, paraffin (mineral) oil, emulsifying wax Polywax, propylene glycol, hydrogenated castor oil, candelilla wax, cyclomethicone, fragrance "cherry+cola ".

Net weight: 100g
Expiration date: 1 year


Grease «Cherry Soda»

Long-lasting, easy-to-use, and fragrant - styling is very simple and pleasant. There is no need to melt it with a hairdryer – just rub it between your hands, and it will take just a few minutes to create a cool hairstyle, from the classics to the pomp and slickback.

This product fixes the hair, without cement-like effect, matting, moisturizing, and softening it. High-quality care is achieved through using beeswax. It increases the thickness, gives volume, and improves hair suppleness, even for harsh and frizzy hair.

Pomade is easily washed off with warm water, but for the best effect we recommend the use of solid shampoo by Borodist: Forest.

You will definitely want to enjoy this sweetish, fresh, and unobtrusive aroma of spicy cherry all day long!

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божественно! люто, бешено доволен!

бородистовое счастье не будет полным без этой волшебной баночки!

ещё и пахнет dr. pepper! m-m.. tasty!.


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