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«Mint Candy» Paste «Mint Candy» Paste
500.00 RUB c

Composition: water, white beeswax, vaseline (mineral) oil, ceresin, cetearyl alcohol, PVP, hydrogenated castor oil, kaolin, talc, glycerin monostearate, cyclomethicone, aroma composition, preservative, dye.

Net weight: 100g
Expiration date: 1 year

«Mint Candy» Paste

This is a texturizing tool to create a spectacular dry styling without the effect of glued hair. It makes it easy to manipulate the strands, to shape them, to give the necessary direction, and to bend at any angle. The paste provides a refreshing mint caramel scent. The product does not dry on your hair, remaining obedient and flexible throughout the whole day. You will be able to improve or even change the styling at any moment. Now even a hurricane won't ruin your mood — Mint Candy will not allow the hairs to go wrong and will help to get rid of fuzzy hair at high humidity.

The basis of the product is white beeswax. This natural component not only holds the strands in the necessary shape, but also takes care of them. After applying the paste, the hair becomes smooth, visually seem thicker and denser.

Take a little paste, warm a bit between your palms, and shape your dry or semidry strands. It's simple. Your hairstyle will be neat and completed — you'll forget about the hairs that usually get out from the styling.

The paste is invisible, so you can use it both separately and as a finishing touch together with hair wax or pomade.

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Луков Евгений

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Паста с самого момента распаковки порадовала приятным запахом и оформлением на лицевой стороне банки (седой бородач очень крутой!). Фиксация на должном уровне; никаких проблем не возникло. Спасибо за труды, Borodist!

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