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Styling and care


The main secret of a good hairstyle is that it looks natural, but it attracts attention and gives you confidence. A haircut only does not provide the same effect, it is all about the styling and competent care.

With the help of Borodist products you can within just minutes create on your head a brutal grunge, romantic classics, and even a spectacular iroquois. Your hair will delight you all day, firmly maintaining all the weather conditions — rain, snow, heat and wind.

Solid shampoo

Solid shampoo washes away all the impurities without overdrying the skin. It contains gentle cleansing ingredients — no SLS or parabens. Suitable for frequent use. We have created 3 types of the product — choose one according to your hair type.


Grease, or pomade, helps to provide the desired hair texture and to fix firmly the hairstyle. This is a great alternative to the classic styling gel. If the second dries the hair, makes them untidy and "icicles-like", then grease cares for it: it softens, mattifies, makes them visually healthier. Consumed very sparingly.

The grease by Borodist is just a must-have for those who wear pompadour in the style of Elvis Presley, undercut and slickback.


The paste by Borodist is quite a new and very effective item for styling, the structure is similar to that of thick cream. Unlike wax, its goal is to create not a resistant styling, but a perfect hair structure. The product is invisible on the hair.

The paste suits for styling short and medium length hair. You may change your look during a day — the head will not get a dirty shine. The paste is good for creating daring hairstyles with the effect of ruffled hair.


All the products are absolutely safe for hair and possess astounding flavors that girls will definitely enjoy!