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«Double Chocolate» porridge «Double Chocolate» porridge «Double Chocolate» porridge «Double Chocolate» porridge
700.00 RUB c

Weight: 700g

Ingredients: oat flakes, cooking is not required; Whey protein concentrate (the whey protein concentrate, UV drying 80%); skim milk powder; cream powder; sugar; cocoa powder; natural identical chocolate flavor.

«Double Chocolate» porridge

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Upgraded oatmeal with cocoa. It is so delicious, rich in vitamins and minerals, incredibly nourishing! In developing the recipes, we have focused on a morning ration of cool bodybuilders: 50% carbohydrate, 30% protein, 20% fat. Energy porridge corresponds best to the proportions and helps to grow muscles.

"Double chocolate" is worth buying not just for the sake of taste, cherished since childhood. The beans, from which the cocoa powder is made of, contain a lot of valuable for your health substances. For example, phenylethylamine is a natural antidepressant and energy source. Porridge with cocoa guarantees to cheer you up and increase working ability.

Does not contain GMOs, artificial colorings and flavor enhancers.


Weekly portion of a real man is 7 servings of 100 grams!

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