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«Berry Bang» porridge «Berry Bang» porridge «Berry Bang» porridge «Berry Bang» porridge
700.00 RUB c

Weight: 700g

Ingredients: oat flakes, cooking is not required; Whey protein concentrate (the whey protein concentrate, UV drying 80%); skim milk powder; cream powder; sugar; dried raspberry, ready-to-eat; dried blackcurrant, ready-to-eat; natural identical wildberry flavor.

«Berry Bang» porridge

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Oat&protein mix for the preparation of megaenergetic breakfast. Just 3 minutes, and porridge, enriched with essential vitamins and minerals, is waiting for you at the table! "Berry Bang" will prepare you for the intense day and even for the conquest of Mount Elbrus.

Due to 80% protein concentrate, breakfast saturates the body for a long time. Even after significant loss of energy you will easily wait until dinner. Berries, blackcurrant and raspberry, not only give porridge a superb taste, but also impact positively on your health: enhance immunity, remove toxins, help to cope with stress quickly.

There is another reason to start each day with our hearty breakfast. Porridge increases the testosterone production. Sure, you know how important it is ;)


Weekly portion of a real man is 7 servings of 100 grams!

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