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«Banana Power» porridge «Banana Power» porridge «Banana Power» porridge «Banana Power» porridge
595.00 RUB c

Weight: 700g

Ingredients: oat flakes, cooking is not required; Whey protein concentrate (the whey protein concentrate, UV drying 80%); skim milk powder; cream powder; sugar; dried banana powder, ready-to-eat; natural identical banana flavor.

«Banana Power» porridge

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As a basic, we took a classic porridge, adapted it to the diet of real men, and energized it with banana power. The result is a supernourishing hearty breakfast that combines the good traditions of the morning meal and innovative recipes.

Time-proven benefits of oat flakes effectively complemented by 80% protein concentrate, which provides a high-calorie portions and contributes the growth of muscle mass.

Banana is one of the best natural energy sources. This fruit quickly satisfies hunger, filling new forces, but also, due to the presence of tryptophan, it is transformed into serotonin, noticeably improves your mood.

Get more energy in the morning! Do more than planned.


Weekly portion of a real man is 7 servings of 100 grams!

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