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All for beard caring

Grow a beard

Beard is more than just facial hair. Our ancestors considered it a man’s adornment. Girls feel just the same way. Natural Borodist products and proper care will help you to grow a beard, that even pirate Teach could envy: thick, soft, and docile… The one you will be proud of.

Growth Stimulation

If you just started up a bearded way, stock with Borodist Warming Oil. The red pepper extract, included in its composition, heats the hair follicles, stimulating the growth of your beard. With regular care hair becomes thicker, beard gaps are disappearing. Oil nourishes the skin, reducing skin irritation and itch.


In a small, but very economical bottle there is a rich mix of oils, vitamins, and natural active components. Just a couple drops… and your hair will be soft and obedient, like never before! Oil thickens it, provides a healthy shine and protects the skin from aggressive environmental influences. It has a delightfully fresh fragrance that will be highly appreciated by your sweetheart.


The thing that will help to tame even the unruliest beard is Borodist balm. Beeswax, included in its composition, gently, but reliably fixes the hair, maintaining the perfect shape of your beard throughout the whole day. Balm is rich in oils, contains vitamin E, nourishes and protects the skin and hair. Citrus essential composition possesses a pleasant fresh scent.
To beard hair not to be matted, it is necessary to comb it at least 2 times a day, so do not forget to buy a comb. We have developed special combs: comfortable, compact, and stylish.
Do you like everything to be in order? Get our brand handmade case. Butter, wax, and comb perfectly suits it, and that is all that is useful to you during the day. Do you want to make the beard even more brutal? Collect it like a real Viking, with a special ring, which you also can find in Borodist store catalog.