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We are glad that you have shown interest in our company, you can learn more about us here. We actively cooperate on the basis of loyal conditions for wholesale purchases with barbershops, beauty salons, shops, online stores and other formats of our products.

We work on 100% prepayment, and the minimum wholesale order is 5,000 rubles.

You can familiarize yourself with the price list for our products by the link below, in the same place on the second sheet you can find our recommendations for starter kits for the first orders: Wholesale price list and recommendations for the first order.

To start placing bulk orders, you need to follow 3 simple steps:

  • Register on our website;
  • Inform in a convenient way through mail, website or social networks about the desire to receive the rights of a representative on your account;
  • After notification of the granting of the rights of a representative, place orders at wholesale prices on the site through your account.

After the first completed and paid wholesale order, send us your data (logo on a transparent background, address, contact phone number, link to the website / social network) to be placed on our card «Buy in your city!».

We look forward to collaborating!